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Compression meets pleasantly soft, breathable merino wool and high-quality synthetic fibers: The Ski Merino Compression Socks offer all kinds of benefits thanks to their sophisticated blend of materials and innovative technologies. For you this means faster recovery, climate control for your feet and top performance on the slopes. Full power pack with medi compression. You get three advantages in one when you wear these womens ski socks with compression: The targeted compression improves your circulation and activates oxygen transport. You stay fit longer even after a long day of hitting the steepest slopes. The targeted compression on your calves also accelerates the removal of metabolic waste products such as lactates and enables faster recovery. Merino wool and synthetic fibers for perfect temperature control. The CEP Ski Merino Compression Socks are made of a high share of merino wool and high-quality synthetic fibers. Merino wool is an absolute must-have as a functional material in skiing and is known for its excellent wicking properties. The intelligent blend of materials ensures the perfect thermal balance in ski boots and keeps your feet pleasantly dry and warm no matter how hard you hit the slopes. Enjoy the perfect fit From glacier to valley. The Ski Merino Compression ski and sports socks hug your feet like a second skin thanks to their anatomical design. Say goodbye to chafing, wrinkles and blisters and get ready to dance the night away at the after-ski party. Whether for action-packed adventures on Champagne powder-filled slopes or for athletic cross-country outings you will get the most out of your skiing experience when you wear the comfortable Ski Merino Socks for women!

  • - The high share of merino wool together with high-quality synthetic fibers guarantees perfect heat and moisture management in your ski boots.
  • - You can feel the “feel-good effect”, especially on long days of skiing: The optimized compression actively promotes blood circulation for increased oxygen transport.
  • - The deep sensory stimulation of your muscles increases your stability.