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Sitting for long periods can make your legs feel tired because they don?t get enough nutrients and oxygen due to the lack of movement. The Business Compress Socks for women counteract this and keep your blood flowing. The compression improves the supply of nutrient-rich blood to inactive muscles. And these women?s socks fit perfectly with your business outfit thanks to their discreet design.

More freshness thanks to smart compression technology

The compression legwear for business incorporates innovative medi compression, which runs along your foot and calf muscles. The compression in the business socks increases circulation in your microvessels while the optimized exchange of nutrients and oxygen transport make your legs feel light and fresh at work or even when you travel.

Thin fabric for ultimate, non-slip comfort

The socks are made in Germany from a high-quality blend of materials for maximum comfort. These business socks for women don’t wrinkle or slip thanks to their anatomical design. This guarantees a perfect fit and prevents blisters.

Breathable cotton for comfortable feet

The breathable cotton in the CEP Business Compression Socks for women ensures that your feet don’t sweat. Your feet stay comfortable, dry and fresh all day long.

The Business Compression Socks provide support if you have to sit or stand in one place for long periods. Order your innovative business socks for women! Your feet feel amazingly fresh even after a long day of work.