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"Sport & fun with the 80's" - with the best sports socks for men in an eye-catching tennis socks look! The 80's Compression Midcut Socks combine the latest CEP technologies with the athletic look of the 80's. Whether you run alone, with your best friend or your entire running crew: These next generation 3.0 sports socks for men support you with innovative features and help you achieve athletic excellence. Plus you make a fashion statement when you wear these 80's inspired men's socks!

More power and endurance thanks to men’s running socks with compression by CEP

These sports socks for men feature effective medi compression to promote circulation and activate your metabolism. The precise compression profile improves the supply of oxygen and nutrients to your feet while accelerating the removal of metabolic waste. This gives you longer-lasting power and helps you recover faster – while you exercise.

Excellent ankle and arch support for accurate footwork

The targeted compression in these stylish running socks for men activates the skin receptors on your ankles and feet. This increases your awareness of your muscle tension and the position of your feet, which in turn stabilizes your joints and reduces the risk of injury – especially on uneven ground.

A perfect fit and improved heat and moisture management

The 80's Compression Midcut Socks in the classic tennis socks style hug your feet without slipping or causing blisters. At the same time, the insulating and cooling Smart Dry yarn in combination with HeiQ Smart Temperature Technology ensure comfortable feet for a pleasant running experience.

High-quality blend of materials for superior durability

These men’s sports socks with an iconic 80's look will never go out of style. And you will find pleasure in your training companions for many years to come thanks to their high-quality filament fibers.
Get your limited edition 80's Compression Midcut Socks now! Enjoy the latest CEP technologies and make an athletic statement with the classic striped look.