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The 1,5 CONCEPT PLUS IHF-approved handball is a professional high-quality match and training ball. With its unique debossed surface and microfiber PU, the ball is extra soft and grippy ensuring optimal ball control. The ball is made with specially developed Air-Touch foam giving the perfect balance between bounce and grip and a latex bladder with the unique Air-Trap valve for superb air retention. Suitable for resin.


IHF approved professional quality match and training handball
Extra soft and very grippy microfibre PU with unique debossed BEE surface for extra control
Optimal grip
Specially developed Air-touch foam, giving the perfect balance between bounce and grip
Latex bladder with our unique Air-trap valve which allows the ball to retain air for longer
Suitable for resin
3 years guarantee on stitchings and shape


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Wash and Care

During wintertime we suggest to store the handballs at room temperature (20-25°C) for minimum 24 hours before the first inflation in order to secure optimal softness, shape and grip

Valve oil
Drip 1-2 drops of hummel valve oil into the valve It is important that valve-oil is used at every inflation as it makes the valve se

al properly

Position the valve upwards and insert the inflation needle straight into the valve Always use a long pump needle to ensure the needle does not damage the valve or the bladder

Check pressure
Inflate the ball to the recommended pressure Recommended pressure is printed on the ball near the valve Inflate slowly to allow the ball to gain its correct shape - rapid inflation can damage the bladder Use a pressure gauge to check the pressure of the ball

Before each inflation
Always drip 1-2 drops of hummel valve oil into the valve before inflation to ensure that it seals properly

Store the handball in a ventilated room at 20-25°C

What to do if your ball rapidly loses air /pressure
If your ball loses most pressure within 1-2 days It is possibly due to dirt in the valve or the valve being dry which can stop it from sealing properly. This can usually be cured by clearing the valve as follows; Drip 1-2 drops of valve oil into the valve. Insert the inflating needle into the valve and rotate the needle by rotating the end of it in a small circle, also moving the needle gently up and down. The dirt obstructing the valve will be cleared by the valve oil and the valve should seal.

Resin removal by machine
In case you use machine for removal of resin, please take caution on these things to minimize the risk of damaging the ball
Make sure the machine is heated properly before use (so the brushes are soft)
Make sure the brushes are cleaned frequently (so they don't get too short and stiff)
If these steps are not followed the brushes can damage the surface material of the ball